Analysis Tools (Open Source) uses a variety of software code analysis tools and algorithms. In addition to proprietary tools also takes advantage of several Open Source code analysis tools. Here is the list of Open Source analysis engines that we use:

Language Name Configuration
C# StyleCop Settings.StyleCop file
C++ CppLint CPPLINT.CFG file
CSS CSSLint .csslintrc file
SCSS Stylelint .stylelintrc* file
Less Stylelint .stylelintrc* file
SugarSS Stylelint .stylelintrc* file
JavaScript ESLint .eslintrc.* file
TypeScript TSLint tslint.* file
CoffeeScript CoffeeLint coffeelint.json file
Swift SwiftLint .swiftlint.yml file
Ruby RuboCop .rubocop.yml file
Go Govet N/A
Go Gocyclo N/A
Python Radon N/A
Python Pylint .pylintrc file
Python Bandit .bandit file
Java Checkstyle checkstyle.xml file
Scala Scalastyle scalastyle.xml file
Groovy CodeNarc codenarc.xml file
PHP PHP_CodeSniffer phpcs.xml(.dist) file
Bash ShellCheck .shellcheck.yaml file
Dockerfile Hadolint .hadolint.yaml file
YAML Yamllint .yamllint file

If engine is not provided with custom configuration it will use default rule-set. We reserve the right to disable selected rules without notice if necessary.