Knowledge Base: Common Tasks

  • Ignoring issues and patterns

    If you would like to ignore a specific Issue or entire issue pattern across repository, you can have ignore it as follows:

    1. Go to any page containing issues.
    2. Click Ignore icon (shown as eye) on upper right corner of issue header.
      1. Click Ignore Issue to exclude selected issue only.
      2. Click Ignore Issues like this to exclude selected issue pattern for entire repository.
      3. Click Ignore File to exclude related file with all it's issues.

    If you later decide that some issues should no longer be ignored, go to Issues page and click Ignored filter button on upper right corner. Here you

  • Ignoring code files

    If you see that a specific file should not be included for inspection you can ignore it:

    1. Go to code file page.
    2. Click Ignore this file button on upper right.

    If you have a folder or a global file pattern that should not be included you can ignore it as well:

    1. Go to repository Settings
    2. Click Ignore Files.
    3. Enter patterns and click Save changes.

    Note: Case sensitive patterns, one per line. (e.g. src/blob/* to exclude all files in blob folder).

    Note: some files are ignored automatically. E.g. files created by Visual Studio designer or containing auto-generated marker.

  • Setting default branch

    The default branch is considered the "base" branch in your repository, against which all pull requests and code commits are made.

    CodeFactor will try to identify default branch when importing new repository. If you have admin rights over a repository, you can set new default branch:

    1. Go to repository Settings
    2. Change the default branch using the dropdown.
  • Toggling active branches

    By default CodeFactor will inspect default branch only for new repositories. However, you can freely enable other branches as well:

    1. Go to repository Branches
    2. Click On/Off toggle to start or stop code quality inspection.
  • Using branch Badges

    CodeFactor is very excited to support branch badges that developers can integrate into their repositories on GitHub and Bitbucket. Make code quality visible!

    Here is How

    Go to the repository Overview page and click badge icon to see available options:

    The dialog contains links that are related to currently selected branch:

    Feel free to choose from available styles:





  • Auto-Fix

    CodeFactor can fix certain reported issues. This can be done on-demand or automatically. We currently support:

    - ESLInt

    - PHP_CodeSniffer

    - Stylelint

    - TSLint

    - RuboCop

    - SwiftLint

    On-demand fixes

    When visiting a page with fixable issues, you can create new PR or commit manually:

    If you do not see this button it means CodeFactor did not find any issues that can be fixed.

    We recommend using it to test this feature or when you need to resolve fixable issues by file, category or whole branch.

    Automatic fixes

    Disabled by default. To enable it, go to repository Settings page:

    We recommend