Knowledge Base: Bootcamp

  • Import repository

    After you’ve signed up, you can import your first repository:

    1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click plus icon.
    2. Select one or more repositories to import.
    3. Click Import.

    For now we support GitHub or Bitbucket as repository source.

  • Track quality changes

    After you’ve imported your first repository, CodeFactor will automatically inspect any changes coming to Default branch. This includes:

    1. Any Commits. You can check the latest list on Overview page.
    2. Any Pull Requests. CodeFactor will push status notification for commits in pull request.

    You can inspect how each commits affect repository branch quality-wise on Overview page. Problematic areas on your code can be quickly viewed on Hotspots panel.

    We currently support packages.config, PackageReference (NuGet), package.json (npm, Yarn) and build.gradle (Gradle) for detecting Libraries in your repositories.

  • Take action

    Once CodeFactor has identified some issues for repository you can learn up on them by clicking Read Up icon.

    Click Create Issue icon to review and submit new issue request to repository provider (e.g. GitHub). Create Comment icon is used to review and submit new comment request.

    Click Ignore icon to exclude specific issue, similar issues or source file from analysis.

  • Analysis Tools (Open Source) uses a variety of software code analysis tools and algorithms. In addition to proprietary tools also takes advantage of several Open Source code analysis tools. Here is the list of Open Source analysis engines that we use:

    If engine is not provided with custom configuration it will use default rule-set. We reserve the right to disable selected rules without notice if necessary.

  • Glossary

    Below are a list of some Git and CodeFactor specific terms we use across our site.


    A grade point average (or GPA) is a standard metric used in the United States to indicate overall academic performance. It is designed to be a single number that captures how well a student performed during a portion of their academic career.

    CodeFactor uses a modified metric that used letter indicators combined with 1-10 numeric range:

    Default Branch

    The default branch is considered the "base" branch in your repository, against which all pull requests and code commits are made. CodeFactor needs to identify it in order